Aspiring Acupuncture, acupuncture in the Wanaka area

Lake Hawea, Wanaka

Welcome to Aspiring Acupuncture Clinic, committed to providing you with the highest standard of modern care using the ancient medicine of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture/Medicine. ACC registered.

Acupuncture Treatments

Chinese Medicine uses Acupuncture, moxabustion, Chinese herbs, cupping, diet and excersise to treat joint and muscle pain, respiratory, digestive, neurological, hormonal conditions. Women’s and men’s health. Pregnancy health. I may also use a modern infra red machine which is safe, effective and painless for children and those who do not want needles.

For comprehensive list see link below for Acupuncture NZ

Injury recovery and pain- ACC. General pain. Anxiety and low mood. Women’s health. Obstetric health. Hayfever. Some neurological complications. 5 Element Acupuncture which clears blockages both physical and emotional, then supports and strengthens the weakest meridian systems for long term good health.

Acupuncture treatment costs

ACC:  $25

Private: 1st treatment $80

Subsequent Private: $70

Practitioner for the Wanaka area

Jos McLean, Acupuncture specialist in the Wanaka region

Jocelyn McLean

Dip.Ac, Member NZRA
ACC registered
12A Moraine Place
Lake Hawea, Wanaka 9382
Ph. 03 443 6242 or 021 163 9769


Jocelyn gained a Diploma of Acupuncture in Brisbane from 1982-1986 returning to New Zealand to work for almost thirty   years in Clinic in Queenstown, Christchurch and Wanaka. Since qualifying, she has studied in the USA and New Zealand and been a member of Acupuncture New Zealand since 1986. Membership requires ongoing professional education and strict adhesion to a Code of Professional Ethics.


Testimonials Column One

“Jos is an extremely gifted Acupuncturist. The best I have ever been to. Last summer after way too much work pressure I had a massive knot in my stomach I couldn’t shift. All my usual strategies for relaxing just weren’t working. I had nausea and was unable to sleep. I thought something was really wrong. Jos is also a really nice person who genuinely cares. You can’t say that about everyone”. J, female, 58 yrs.

“I visited Jos for uncomfortable menopausal symptoms. Her calm, gentle, professional approach was a real confidence giver. ” J, 52yrs

“Jos treated me in the final weeks of my second pregnancy for general aches and pains and anxiety, and also to help baby into a good position. This was of particular concern to me after a long posterior labour ending in emergency caesarean with our first baby. Jos also gave me acupressure techniques for pain management in labour.
J, 34yrs


Testimonials Column Two

Jos provided acupuncture for my long term chronic depression and lower back pain. Thanks Jos, you provide a much needed and professional acupuncture service. P, Male, 62yrs